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We’re focused on helping small businesses increase profitability, visibility, and navigate the digital landscape.

How We Help

Search Engine Marketing

Reach people looking for your product or service on Google, Bing, or other search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Target customers on their preferred platform: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, or others.

Analytics & Site Tagging

Track your business goals and site engagement to get the most out of your paid ad spend.

Digital Strategy

Focus your efforts on only the most relevant and lucrative platforms available.


Get the most out of your site by effectively utilizing paid and organic tools.


Promote your business on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, websites, and much more.

Image & Branding

Make your brand stand out with graphic design, social media, & reputation management.


Find your audiences and, most crucially, help them find you more easily.


Let us do the work for you or learn how to master the digital landscape yourself.

ferns and leafy greens with rain on them

How We Started

In 2019, Mike and Fray fell in love.

Mike’s years of digital marketing expertise and Fray, driven by a passion for graphic design and an acute flair for the aesthetic, melded the technical with the artistic to create Argotype.

Definition of argot:
The language used by a particular type or group of people

The digital world uses its own language, with limitless jargon and proprietary terms. Argotype deciphers that into actionable and effective digital strategies, tailored to your business objectives.

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